We are going to put things on this page like instructions for making some of the items that we sell, educational worksheets and other documents that would be useful to teachers and support staff - all related to the use of natural materials of course!

Here is an example, just to test out our web site.

enviropool_example.doc enviropool_example.doc
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enviropool_banner_graphics.pptx enviropool_banner_graphics.pptx
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T_Shirt_Logo.pptx T_Shirt_Logo.pptx
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T-shirt Pictures.pdf T-shirt Pictures.pdf
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Download our business card graphics here ; Type : vsd (visio) 


Download our Stage 2 Powerpoint here  ;   Size : 5Mb ;  Type : ppt

Enviropool_marketing_0.pptx Enviropool_marketing_0.pptx
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Enviropool_marketing_1.ppt Enviropool_marketing_1.ppt
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 Download the enviropool promotional video ; Size 90Mb ; Type : mov

Download the enviropool promotional poster; Size 232Kb ; Type : pdf